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About Adoption


Without adopters, our ability to save lives would be limited as sanctuary space would never be available!

Likewise, emergency foster homes play an important roll in our ability to save lives in desperate situations, getting pigs to immediate safety.

Many of the pigs at Ralphy's are available for adoption, either as individuals (if you already have a pig) or in pairs or small groups.

If you are interested in finding out more, please email us or complete the adoption/foster application form.


1) The information on your application form is used to match you to the best pigs for your situation.  Once approved to adopt, we will send you information on the available pigs.

2) Ralphy's Retreat generally adopts adult pigs only.   Piglets are rarely available. 

3) For the most part, all of the available pigs are looking for a hobby farm situation and are not suitable as house pigs.

4) Interested in fostering?  Please complete the same application form, making sure to check off the fostering box!

5) Ralphy's Retreat provides on-going support to all adopters/fosters and will always take pigs back if it isn't a good fit.

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