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Meet the animals!


Meet some of the wonderful animals that call Ralphy's home.

Our animals come to us from a variety of situations, including re-homing, abandonment, neglect, and sadly abuse.

We refer to all of our pigs as 'pot-bellied pigs' because we firmly believe this name most accurately represents what they are.  Remember, there is no such thing as a 'tea-cup', 'micro' or 'mini-pig'!

All of our animals are available to sponsor.  If you can't see your favourite Ralphy's resident in the gallery, please contact us and we will be happy to give you an update and set up sponsorship!

The Free Spirit

Apple Jack

Apple Jack joined our family in 2016 as a companion for Radar.  He was a breeding jack for many years before being gelded. Apple Jack is a huge character and is always getting himself into mischief.  He and Radar had their own episode in our TV show, The Real Pigs of Norfolk County.

Apple Jack marches to the beat of his own drum and can often be found in the barn or wandering the sanctuary!!

Resident Goofball


Rupert joined our family in 2013 after he was removed from a Montreal apartment.  Not only was Rupert illegal in the city, he was being kept in a bathtub.

Rupert was the first pig to enter our care after our name change to Ralphy's Retreat and he bears a striking resemblance in looks and personality to Ralphy.

Rupert is one of our most friendly and affectionate pigs.  

Our Senior Gentleman


Spike joined our family in 2013 with his friends, Gracie and Wilbur.  The sanctuary he lived at was closing and they needed a soft place to land. The piggies made the long trip  to make Ralphy's their home.

Spike was rescued as a piglet when the owner of his mother arranged a hunt on his property with her 15 piglets as the targets.  Thankfully the sanctuary owner was able to scoop up all 15 piglets before the event.  She fell in love with Spike and ended up keeping him.  Spike turns 18 in 2022 and is one of our most senior piggies.

The Survivor


Arnold joined our family in 2014.  A lady visiting a yard sale heard grunting and asked a man what the noise was.  He lifted a tarp to reveal a cage with his 'pet pig' in it.  Arnold was a boar and spent the first year of his life in the cage.  Finally the man agreed to surrender Arnold to the lady and she got him to safety.

Arnold is still very shy around people he does not know.  Unfortunately, a year spent standing on wire has caused damage to his feet, but he is otherwise a lovely, healthy boy.

The Fighter


Joy joined our family in 2014.  In her first home, she had been attacked by dogs, losing one ear and having the other reconstructed.  She was removed by the SPCA and placed in a new home, but when a new baby arrived, we were asked to take Joy in.

Joy is a tough little pig who has self-preservation at the very top of her list.  She lives in a group of pigs, but enjoys her own company best of all.  She loves meeting visitors and getting belly rubs from her dad.

The Comedian


Darryl is a real character and a favourite of visitors to the sanctuary.  He is the king of self-expression and isn't afraid to show you how he really feels through his hilarious facial expressions!

After a bit of a rough start, Darryl is now a fine figure of a fellow!

Warrior Prince


Valentino joined our family in February 2022.  He is a Jersey calf who was a by-product of the dairy industry.  Valentino was one of many calves in a PAWS case and was near death upon his rescue.  Val spent many months being nursed back to health in his foster home before he was able to be adopted into our care.

Val is a real character and loves to explore the sanctuary.  He loves his horse and donkey friends, and visiting the piggies!

The Phoenix


Penelope came into our care during winter 2022.  She lived in a private home, but when her owner was evicted she faced euthanasia.  

Penelope was in poor condition when she arrived, desperately needing a hoof trim and skin care.  She also has mobility issues and requires special care.

P-P is the sweetest girl who loves her daily massages with coconut oil and being sang to!

The Aunties

Alma & Sherri

Alma and Sherri were much loved family pets, but when their humans faced major health issues, they had to be rehomed.  All of the other animals on the farm found loving homes, but time was running out for these lovely girls, so we stepped in.

The girls are very sweet and calm, accepting Gordo into their family with no fighting - unusual for pigs!

The Tea-Cup Pig


Gordo is a registered mini-pig and there isn't much mini about him!  This sweet, hunky guy is a picture of health and happiness.  He has two lovely girlfriends and loves to meet with visitors to the sanctuary.

Mr Lover Man


Sweet little Rudy had far too many homes for a wee piglet and we were number 5 on his list at just four months of age.  Rudy's story is a common one - people think a pet pig is a fun idea, they find out its hard work or they aren't allowed a pet pig where they live, so back on kijiji the piglet goes :(

Thankfully, Rudy was surrendered to Animal Control and he was nursed back to health by his foster mom.  During that time, Rudy learned to trust humans and really developed his personality!  

Rudy LOVES his mom Shannon and wherever Shannon goes, you can be sure to find Rudy close by :)

Warrior Princess


Hartley joined our family in February 2022.  She is a Holstein calf who was a by-product of the dairy industry.  Hartley was one of many calves in a PAWS case and was near death upon her rescue.  She spent many months being nursed back to health in her foster home before she was able to be adopted into our care.

Hartley is named for our special piggy Harley whom we lost in February 2022.

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