Meet the animals!


Meet some of the wonderful piggies that call Ralphy's home.

Our pigs come to us from a variety of situations, including re-homing, abandonment, neglect, and sadly abuse.

We refer to all of our pigs as 'pot-bellied pigs' because we firmly believe this name most accurately represents what they are.  Remember, there is no such thing as a 'tea-cup', 'micro' or 'mini-pig'!

All of our piggies are available to sponsor.  If you can't see your favourite pig in the gallery, please contact us and we will be happy to give you an update and set up sponsorship!

Apple Jack

Apple Jack

Apple Jack joined our family in 2016 as a companion for Radar.  He was a breeding jack for many years before being gelded. Apple Jack is a huge character and is always getting himself into mischief.  He and Radar had their own episode in our TV show, The Real Pigs of Norfolk County.

Resident Goofball


Rupert joined our family in 2013 after he was removed from a Montreal apartment.  Not only was Rupert illegal in the city, he was being kept in a bathtub.

Rupert was the first pig to enter our care after our name change to Ralphy's Retreat and he bears a striking resemblance in looks and personality to Ralphy.

Rupert is one of our most friendly and affectionate pigs.  

Our Senior Gentleman


Spike joined our family in 2013 with his friends, Gracie and Wilbur.  The sanctuary he lived at was closing and they needed a soft place to land. The piggies made the long trip  to make Ralphy's their home.

Spike was rescued as a piglet when the owner of his mother arranged a hunt on his property with her 15 piglets as the targets.  Thankfully the sanctuary owner was able to scoop up all 15 piglets before the event.  She fell in love with Spike and ended up keeping him.  Spike turns 17 in 2021 and is one of our most senior piggies.

The Survivor


Arnold joined our family in 2014.  A lady visiting a yard sale heard grunting and asked a man what the noise was.  He lifted a tarp to reveal a cage with his 'pet pig' in it.  Arnold was a boar and spent the first year of his life in the cage.  Finally the man agreed to surrender Arnold to the lady and she got him to safety.

Arnold is still very shy around people he does not know.  Unfortunately, a year spent standing on wire has caused damage to his feet, but he is otherwise a lovely, healthy boy.

The Fighter


Joy joined our family in 2014.  In her first home, she had been attacked by dogs, losing one ear and having the other reconstructed.  She was removed by the SPCA and placed in a new home, but when a new baby arrived, we were asked to take Joy in.

Joy is a tough little pig who has self-preservation at the very top of her list.  She lives in a group of pigs, but enjoys her own company best of all.  She loves meeting visitors and getting belly rubs from her dad.

Resident Glamor Girl


Hermione joined the Ralphy's family in Spring 2018 with her boyfriend Munroe.  The pair had lived on a horse farm for several years, but after an incident with one of the show horses, they needed a new home.

Hermione is a stunning girl and she knows it!! She has the cleanest hair and the biggest mohawk of all of our pigs!  She can be a bit of a princess at times and loves nothing more than bossing Munroe around!!!!

Hermione tragically lost her battle with cancer in June 2021.

Warrior Princess

Lottie Dottie

Lottie joined our family in January 2018 at around 5 months of age.  Her story is a difficult one to tell.

Lottie was purchased as a tiny piglet by a family wanting a 'therapy' animal for their multiple foster children.  Sadly, these children were very damaged and, not able to cope with their own problems, they abused and beat Lottie.  Thankfully she was removed from the home and we were contacted to take her in.  Upon rescue, Lottie's eyes were glued together and swollen, her little body was bruised, and she was terrified of most people.  She still sees a chiropractor regularly to aid her healing.  Lottie lives in the house at Ralphy's and we keep her well away from the children who visit us as she is still very upset by them.

The Junkyard Dog

Chubby Checker

Chubby spent the winter of 2017/2018 living in a junkyard.  He had a small shed for shelter, with little to no bedding and definitely no insulation.  He also had no access to food and was starving to death when the SPCA came to his rescue.  

We picked up the ironically named Chubbs in March 2018 and brought him home.  He bonded strongly with Kara, our President and Sanctuary Manager, but was aggressive to other volunteers.

Today, Chubbs is quite 'chubby' and lives happily with his girlfriend Rhonda, and friends Petey and Rooty.  He still loves Kara, but has started being nicer to other humans too!

The Soccer Player


Munroe joined the Ralphy's family in Spring 2018 with his girlfriend Hermione.  The pair had lived on a horse farm for several years, but after an incident with one of the show horses, they needed a new home.

Munroe was an intact boar when he arrived at Ralphy's and he loved to spend time paying football!  He certainly had some mad footie skills!! After his neuter surgery, his passion for football dwindled, and today he can be found snuggling with Hermione, rooting in the dirt, or bathing in his pool.  Munroe is a very unique looking pig and is a firm favourite of visitors to Ralphy's.  He is around 10 years of age so his lovely boar features will hopefully be permanent!

The Tea-Cup Pig


Beans is one of the toughest little pigs we have ever had the pleasure of helping.  Sold at days of age as an' 8-week old tea-cup pig', Beans was a very sick boy when we were asked to help him.  It was touch and go for a few days as he struggled to eat and keep food in, but his will to live was strong!

Beans not only survived, but also spent the winter with 3 other sickly piglets (Ella, Nutmeg and Clover), showing them how to eat and teaching them the ways of the world.  He is one very special little pig!

Beans turned a year old on September 30th 2018 and has become a strong healthy wee boy.

Mr Lover Man

Gus - 'Goose'

Gus, affectionately known as Goose, is a real character.  When we first met him in August 2015, he was severely overweight, had difficulty breathing, and spent his days lying on a living room floor.  He was frustrated and had become very aggressive.  His family loved him very much and made the difficult decision to reach out for help.  We brought Gus home in Fall 2015 and his healing began.

Shortly after arrival, Gus was diagnosed with a neurological condition that often makes mobility challenging.  We got him on a diet and not only did his mobility improve, but so did his attitude!  Today, Gus is one of the most affectionate pigs we have and he lives happily with his pig family.

Gus turned 8 years old on June 1st 2018.

Sadly, Gus passed away in May 2020 due to complications from his neurological condition.  He is greatly missed.

The Tough Guy

Figgy Newton

Figgy was found stray in Spring 2018 and when his original owners didn't want him back, we were asked to assist.  Figgy appeared to be neutered and had a lovely personality....until he arrived at Ralphy's.  His boar hormones kicked in immediately when he saw the other pigs, and he became really aggressive towards people.  Sadly, neuter surgery didn't improve the situation and he spent the summer well out of the way of volunteers and visitors to the sanctuary for fear he would attack them.

Kara spent a lot of time working with Figgy in the hopes he would finally know he was in a good, safe place.  Thankfully Fall brought a good change in him. He now has a friend called Wilbur and is the really sweet boy we knew was in there!