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Summer Support

We need your help please!


Summer is the most expensive time of the year at Ralphy's and this year we have already been hit with unexpected costs and price hikes.  For the second year in a row, our ability to fundraise and open the sanctuary to visitors has been heavily impacted by Covid restrictions.  

Please support our work with animals in need by contributing to one of our fundraising projects!

The need for our services continues to rise, along with the costs to run our sanctuary.  Please help us save lives - we cannot do it without you.


Water cows.jpg

Please Donate Now!

Fill the Well!

Water is our greatest summer expense at the sanctuary.  Despite living by Lake Erie, there is no water to fill our well.  In May 2021, the well supplying the barn ran dry, which is unheard of this early in the season.

Last summer, we added a cistern and this spring a 1200 gallon water tank to hold water, but we still have water delivered every single week. Also in May, the well pump supplying the barn died.  The replacement pump was a necessary, but huge expense.

We are continuing to find ways to conserve water at the sanctuary, but nothing is free.  We need to add eavestroughs to all of our pig houses so we can collect water, and we need to invest in some new water delivery systems for the pigs.

Anticipated Costs:

Weekly water delivery (for 21 weeks) - $3500

Eavestroughs - $2500

Pig Waterers - $850 each

Well Pump - $1800


Buy a Round Bale!

This summer we need to purchase 150 large round bales to keep our horses, cows and donkeys fed and happy all winter long!

Due to Covid, the cost of each bales has risen considerably and this year we are required to pay for all of our hay up front (previous years, we have paid per load).

Total Cost - $10,000

Cost per Bale - $70



Buy a Small Square

Whether hay or straw, we use hundreds of small squares every year!

Straw is essential to keep the piggies warm in the cold months, and the small squares of hay are for the ponies, miniature donkeys, sheep and goat!

2021 Costs:  $5000

Cost per Bale - $6


Summer Shade

Our run in shelters for large animals are aging and need repairs or replacement, and the piggies need sun shades to prevent sunburn

Sunshades - $60 each

Shelter Repairs/Building - $5000

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